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A1 Excursion Adventure (P.) Ltd. www.a1excursion.com/ www.himalayaexcursion.com/
Abbey Int'l Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. www.abbeytreks.com
ABC Adventure P. Ltd. This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Abound Asian Adventure Pvt. Ltd. www.aboundasian.com
Above & Beyond Trekking (P.) Ltd. www.abnepal.com
Above The Himalaya Trekking (P) Ltd. www.nepalguidetrek.com, www.nepalhimalayatrek.com
Absolute Adventure Treks www.absolutetrekking.com
Ace The Himalaya Trekking Pvt. Ltd. www.acethehimalaya.com
Acme Treks & Expedition www.acmetreks.com
Across The Himalayas Treks & Expedition www.acrossthehimalayas.com
Action Himalaya Adventure P. Ltd.
Active Holiday Nepal Treks & Expedition P. Ltd.
Adventure 6000 Co. www.adventure6000.com
Adventure Activities Pvt. Ltd. www.adventactivities.com
Adventure Alternative Nepal Treks And Expediton www.adventurealternative.com
Adventure Camps Trekking P. Ltd.
Adventure Discovery Treks & Expedition www.advdiscovery.com
Adventure Dreams Unlimited (P)Ltd. www.adventuredreams.com
Adventure Extreme [P.] Ltd. www.adventure-extreme.com
Adventure Fairsteps Treks
Adventure Garden Nepal P. LTD www.agnepal.com , www.adventuregardennepal.com
Adventure Geo Treks P. Ltd. www.adventuregeotreks.com
Adventure Glacier Treks & Expedition
Adventure International www.advnepaltrekking.com
Adventure Journey Treks & Expedition
Adventure Karnali Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd www.trekkinginhimalaya.com
Adventure Magic Treks & Epedition P. Ltd. www.adventurehikenepal.com
Adventure Mountain Club Treks & Expedition www.mountain-club.com
Adventure Nepal Makalu Trekking (P) Ltd. www.makalutrekking.com
Adventure Nepal Mountain Bike Treks P. Ltd. www.bikehimalayas.com
Adventure Outdoor Treks & Expeditions P. Ltd. www.nepaltrips.com
Adventure Pilgrims Trekking P. Ltd. www.trekinepal.com, www.newnepaltreks.com
Adventure Quest Nepal www.trekking.nepal.com
Adventure Silk Road Inc. www.silkroadgroup.com
Adventure Sisters Trekking & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. www.adventuresisters.com
Adventure Snowman Treks & Expeditions Pte. Ltd.
Adventure Specialist Trekking www.alltrekking.com or www.nepaloutdoors.com
Adventure Tansen Treks www.tansentrek.com
Adventure Thamserku Treks & Expedition www.adventurethamserku.com
Adventure Thirdpole Treks (P) Ltd http://www.adventurethirdpole.com , www.expeditionnepal.com
ADVENTURE TRAVELLERS CLUB (P) LTD. www.nepaltravellers.com
Adventure Treks Nepal (P.) Ltd. www.adventuretreksnepal.com
Adventure United Treks P. Ltd. www.bluemountaintravels.com
Adventure Unlimited Pvt. Ltd. www.adventurenepal.com
Adventure Zambuling Treks Pvt. Ltd. www.advzambuling.com
Adventure Zone Trekking And Expedition Pvt. Ltd. www.adventurezonetrek.com/ www.nepaltrekandexpedition.com
Agape Adventures P. Ltd
All Mt. Trekking P. Ltd www.allmttrek.com
All Nepal Trekking (P.) Ltd. www.adventureeverest.com
Alliance Nepal Treks International Pvt. Ltd.
Alliance Treks & Expedition P. Ltd. www.gototrek.com, www.alliancetreks.com
Alpine Adventure Club Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. www.nepal-guide.com, www.alpineadventureclub.com
Alpine Adventure Team P. Ltd. www.alpinenepaltrekking.com
Alpine Asian Treks & Expedition P. Ltd. www.trektournepal.com/ www.nepaltibettrek.com
Alpine Exodus Pvt. Ltd. www.alpineexodus.com
Alpine Trekking & Expedition Service (P) Ltd.
Alps Adventure Treks & Expedition www.alpinehimalaya.com
Alps In Nepal Trekking www.alpsinnepal.com
Alsace Nepal Adventure (P) Ltd. www.come2nepal.com
Amadablam Adventure Group
Amar's Trek & Expedition
Amazing Himalaya Trekking Pvt. Ltd. www.infonepaltreks.com
Amazing Nepal Adventure www.amazingnepaltreks.com
Amici Treks & Expedition P. Ltd.
Amitayus Trekking (P) Ltd.
Ample Trekking Pvt. Ld. www.ampletravels.com
Amrits Trekking Agency (P) Ltd.
Amuse Treks & Expeditions
Ancient Mustang Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd.
Ang Rita Trek & Expedition (P) Ltd. www.angritaexpedition.com
Ankur Treks International (P) Ltd.
Annapurna Foothills Treks & Expedition P. Ltd. www.annapurnatreksexpedition.com
Annapurna Mountaineering & Trekking P. Ltd. www.amtrek.com
Annapurna Trek & Expedition www.annapurnatreks.com
Annapurna Vision Treks & Expedition
API Himal Treks & Expedition www.mrmountaintreks.com
Apple Pie Expeditions Inc. P. Ltd.
Apsara Treks (P.) Ltd
Around The Himalayas Pvt. Ltd. www.aroundthehimalayas.com
Arun Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd. www.arunexpedition.com
Aryatara Adventure P. Ltd. www.aryataraadventure.com
Asahi Treks & Expedition www.asahitreks.com
Asia Adventure Excursions www.asiatravel.com.np
Asia Horizon Treks & Expedition www.asiahorizon.com
Asian Adventure Treks & Expedition P. Ltd. www.asiantreks.com
Asian Heritage Treks & Expeditions www.asianheritagetreks.com
ASIAN JOURNEY TREKS & EXPEDITION (P) LTD www.nepalmountaintrek.com
Asian Travellers Treks & Expedition P. Ltd. www.thinairadventure.com
Asian Trekking (P) Ltd. www.asian-trekking.com
Atalante Mountaineering & Trekking (P) Ltd. http://www.khumbi-ila.com
Audan Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. www.audantrek.ch
Aventure En Terre Himalayenne Inc (P) Ltd. www.athnepal.com
Axis Trek & Expedition (P) Ltd. www.axistrek.com
Ayumi Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd. www.asukagroup.com
Back Track Adventures
Barunche Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd. www.baruche.com
Basanta Adventure Treks & Expeditions P. LTD www.basantaadventure.com
Base Camp Trekking & Expedition www.basecamptrek.com
Bespoken Himalayan Treks P. Ltd. www.himalayas-trek.com
Beyond Base Camp Treks & Expeditions (P) Ltd. www.bbctreks.com
Beyond The Limits Treks & Expedition P. Ltd. www.treksinnepal.com
Beyul Adventurer Pvt.Ltd.
Bhrikuti Himalayan Treks www.bhrikuti.net
Bird's Eye View Adventure
Blue Sky Treks & Exploration www.blueskytreks.com
Bochi-Bochi Trek P. Ltd. bochi-bochitrek.com
Botanical Treks & Excursion www.botanicaltreks.com
Boundaryless Sherpa Trekking Pvt. Ltd. nepaltourstrek.com
Brilliant Treks & Adventure P. Ltd. www.brillianttrek.com
Buddha Eye Treks Pvt. Ltd. www.buddhaeyetreks.com
Buddha Treks & Expedition (P.) Ltd. www.buddhatreks.com
Budget Adventure Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd.
C & K Nepal Treks (P) Ltd. www.cnknepal.com
Caravan Insentive & Adventure www.caravanleaders.com
Caress Himalaya Treks & Expedition www.go2himalaya.com
Celtic Trekking Adventure P. Ltd. www.yomari.com/celtic
Chchhogaru Treks & Expedition www.chhogarutrek.com
China South Asia House Of Adventure
Chinari Treks Pvt. Ltd www.chinaritreks.com
Chomolhari Trekking (P) Ltd.
Chomologma Pilgrimage Trekking
Cho-Oyu Trekking www.cho-oyutrekking.com
Churen Himal Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd. www.churenlhimatreks.com.np
Cine Treks Pvt. Ltd. www.cinetreks.com.np
Clan Treks & Expedition www.clantreks.com
Climb High Himalaya climbhighhimalaya.com
Columbus Treks & Expedition (P) Ltd. www.columbustreks.com
Community Action Trekking
Conam Treks Pvt. Ltd.
Corsa Nepal Adventure P. Ltd. www.corsanepaladventure.com
Cosmo Trek (P) Ltd.
Crystal Mountain Treks www.crystalmountaintreks.com
Curious Goat Treks & Expedition
Daisy Himal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. www.daisyhimal.com
Danne Adventure Treks (P.) Ltd
De' Snowman Nepal Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. www.snowmannepal.com
Destination Himalaya Treks & Expedition Pvt. Ltd. destinationhimalayatreks.com
Destination Nepal Trek & Expedition (P) Ltd. www.destination.com.np
Devalaya Treks & Expedition www.guidenepal.com
Dharma Adventures (P) Ltd. www.dharmaadventures.com
Dhaulagiri Advanture Treks Pvt. Ltd.
Different Treks Service (P) Ltd. www.differenttreks.com
Discover Adventure P. Ltd.
Discover Himalayan Sherpa (P) Ltd. www.discoverhimalayansherpa.com
Discover Himalayan Treks (P) Ltd. www.discovertreks.com
Divine International Explore & Treks www.nepalexplore.com
Doko Adventure P. Ltd. www.dokojpl.com
Dolpa Treks (P) Ltd.
Dragon Outdoor Clum P. Ltd. www.dragontrek.com
Dream Discovery Treks Pvt. Ltd. www.dreamdiscoverytreks.com
Eagle Treks & Expedition P. Ltd. www.eagletreks.com
Earthbound Expeditions - Nepal http://www.trektibet.com
Earth's Paradise Treks & Expedition www.earth-paradise.com
Eastwind Holidays
EBC Treks Nepal (P) Ltd. www.ebctrek.com
Eco Mustang Trekking P. Ltd.
Eco Trek International Pvt. Ltd. www.ecotour.com.np
Eco Trekking & Expedition (P) Ltd. www.ecotrek.com.np
Eco Trip Nepal Treks & Expedition P. Ltd. www.ecotripnepal.com
Eco-Friendly Treks & Expeditions Pvt. Ltd. http://www.nepalholiday.com, http://www.hiking-trekking.com
Ecological Treks Pvt. Ltd.P.O. www.ecologicaltreks.com
Ecology Green Treks www.trekaunepal.com, www.nepalrandonnee.com,
Edelweiss Treks & Expedition (Nepal) Inc. www.edelweisstreks.com
Encounters Nepal.Com P. Ltd. www.encountersnepal.com, www.visitnepal2011.com
Equator Nepal Treks & Expeditions www.equatorexpeditionsnepal.com
Equator Treks
Euro Vision Adventure Treks And Expedition (P.) Lted. www.eurovisiontreks.com
Euro-Asia Treks Expedition www.euroasiatreks.com
Evasion Trekking P. Ltd. www.evasiontrekking.com
Everest Adventure (P) Ltd. www.everestatv.com
Everest Expedition Inc. (P) Ltd. www.everestexpeditioninc.com
Everest Express Trekking (Pvt.) Ltd. http://www.everest-express.com
Everest Nepal Treks & Expedition
Everest Parivar Expedition
Everest Trekking
Everest Zone Trek & Expedition
Exciting Nepal Holidays Trek Pvt. Ltd. www.visitnepaltrekking.com
Exodus Treks & Expeditions Nepal www.exodus-treks.com
Exotic Holiday Adventure Treks (P.) Ltd. www.exotictreksnepal.com
Exotic Mt. Treks (P.) Ltd. www.treksinfo.com
Exotic Treks & Expedition P. Ltd. www.exoticquenepal.com.np
Exotic Vacation Treks & Expediti http://www.abcsikkim.com
Experience Outdoors Nepal Plc www.outdoorsnepal.com
Explore Alpine Adventure (P.) LTD www.explorealpinenepal.com
Explore Hidden Valley Treks & Expedition (P.) Ltd.
Explore Himalaya Travel & Adventure www.explorehimalaya.com
Explore Kailash Treks www.mtkailash.com
Explore Tibet & Nepal Trekking www.nepaltravels.com
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